Sustainability from an EFG perspective

In our mind, corporate responsibility is not about ticking boxes and then moving on with business as usual. It is about integrating a responsible behaviour in everything we do. Towards our environment, in the social and cultural ties we make and in the economic perspective we always work from.

It is about fostering long-term relationships and a healthy company culture where we develop products with a minimal environmental impact and create sustainable customer solutions that are based on real needs.

EFG sustainability report

  • The environment: We strive to be industry leaders and our design process follows strict standards set out by Svanen – the Nordic eco label.
  • Innovation: Functional and attractive, based on needs today and tomorrow. Sustainable customer solutions. 
  • Customer satisfaction: Focusing on the customer’s business targets and their staff well being. 
  • (EFG) Employees: Health and safety, training and personal development, ambassadors that integrate our company culture and share insights of customer’s needs and targets. 
  • Influencers and specifiers: Creating partnerships that support end customer needs. 
  • Suppliers: Long term relationships based on trust and a common understanding of the market in which EFG operates.
  • CSR: EFG contributes to sustainable development in our society. We strive to responsibly minimize the negative impact of our decisions and activities.

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