"The relocation has so far been a huge success. The closeness to the colleagues is highly appreciated and we see that we see a clear benefit of having both auditors and consultants gathered to draw upon our multidisciplinary expertise."
Rune Samuelsen, Director PwC

Kund: PwC

KB Arkitekter 
Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway 
Accounting and Finance Consultancy 

Relaxation gives new energy

Challenge and solution
Playfulness, strong identity and variety was key in planning and conducting of the solutions that were chosen for PwC's new office in Sandefjord, Norway. Colours and materials are deliberately chosen to underpin the room function and to create prosperity. The active zones are in stronger colors and a more subdued color palette is used in the quiet zones.

PwC designed the new office with activity-based solutions in mind and planned for free seating for the employees in the process as well. Today the location is furnished 50 workstations, but since the emploeyees spend most of their time in their customers offices, PwC envisages that there is space for almost 30 more employees beeing able to meet future growth and development in the region.

The reception is the heart in the new office center. The Southern section of the location has active zones for work, cooperation and information exchange. The North end of the location is reserved for quiet work. Here it is not allowed to talk on the phone or with colleagues at all. "It is the active zone that is most used, although quiet zones for concentration-intense work was in great demand in the planning process," says Rune Samuelsen.

For PwC it is also important that the employees have fun at work, since they believe that relaxation gives new energy. Therefore a shuffelboard is a part of the new office as well.

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