"Colleagues contribute through taking an active approach and fully owning their day ”
Carina Persson, Digital Marketing Specialist

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A new way of working in Trygg-Hansa

Challenges and solutions
Trygg-Hansa's head office is housed in the same impressive building on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, which was designed by Tengbom's architectural office for the insurance company in the late seventies. The workplace inside however is fundamentally different - the office of today is built on an activity-based approach that involves the whole organization.
"The starting point was that the total office space was reduced, from seven floors to two," says Carina Persson, Digital Marketing Specialist and project manager for the change work. "The change required a strong focus on optimising space use - with retained identity, staff well-being and productivity". The interior solutions were designed following a structured process, based on careful examination of actual needs. “Trygg-Hansa's wide span of competences and personalities was a challenge we had to take on,” says Carina, “but today we have a workplace that supports efficiency and collaboration for everyone. Colleagues contribute through taking an active approach and fully owning their day ”.

Today everyone in the office works flexibly and finds the space they need, as is intended. The layout is varied, with open office spaces, group rooms / meeting rooms, individual rooms and quiet rooms. There are also plenty of team tables and project workplaces for quick meetings in smaller working groups.
The project is followed up on a regular basis and any adjustments in the office space or otherwise are handled gradually. "The outside world is changing and so are we," says Carina, "we ensure that we support our employees so that they can reach their goals, both now and in the future".


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