"We have created an Azets feeling in our offices, where both employees and customers can recognize us"
Ulrika Scheffer, Project Manager

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A unique Azets office environment

Challenges and solutions
Azets Insights has moved into several new offices in Stockholm, as well as in Gothenburg and Malmö. The offices are structured for the same way of working and a uniform interior design has been chosen between the offices; furniture, colors, fabrics and materials. "We have created an Azets feeling in our offices" says project manager Ulrika Scheffer "where both employees and customers can recognize us". "We often receive positive praise for our premises, from employees, colleagues in the Nordic countries and customers."

At the Solna office, Azets Insights currently has about 2,700 square meters of office space. 175 employees can be found in the office occupying one and a half floors of the property. The office has a public section where visits can be received and a non-public section where tasks are performed that require privacy. All employees have their own permanent place and the office also has a number of smaller group rooms for 6-8 people. Touchdown areas for quick reconciliation over a cup of coffee are also available, as are individual rooms when the need arises to be completely undisturbed.


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