Solo is a height-adjustable single pillar table frame, that comes in different variants. Use Solo as a workstation or a flexible table for quick meetings in all modern office environments.


Product Facts

  • Metal pillar table frame with round, square or X base
  • Lacquered white (W) black (B) or silver (S)
  • Motor-driven height adjustment, stroke 650 mm
  • EU and UK power available, power cables and hand control are included
  • Battery operation and separate hand control as options
  • Load capacity 800 N (80kg)
  • Anti-collision is included
  • Speed 40 mm/s
  • Sound (dB) <45 dB
  • 5 year warranty
  • Test certificates EN 15372:2016 test level 2 and EN 1730:2012. 
 Round/square base:
  • 650 mm stroke
  • SOLO10: Round pillar with round Ø600 mm base
  • SOLO11: Square pillar with square 600x600 mm base.
  • Max height (including 22 mm top) 1260 mm
  • Min height (including 22 mm top) 610 mm 
  • 650 mm stroke
  • SOLO12: Round pillar, X base
  • Max height (including 22 mm top) 1260 mm
  • Min height (including 22 mm top) 610 mm 
 X base with castors(optional):
  • Max height (including 22 mm top) 1300 mm
  • Min height (including 22 mm top) 650 mm


EFG Design Team

EFG Design Team

Product development is an important part of EFG's business. Our own design team is behind most of our products and consists of designers and design engineers who all have high competence and experience in the furniture and furnishings industry. An important aspect of our product development process is to take responsibility for the furniture designed with respect to economic, environmental and social sustainability.






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