EFG Team Pro

Team Pro is a classic, clean and affordable 4-legged table that offers great flexibility. The tables are available as both freestanding individual desks or connect desks creating a bench configuration suitable to small areas, perfect for the modern office. The range is easy to assemble and reconfigure to suit your specific needs. Team Pro comes in a variety of table top shapes and sizes.


Product Facts

  • Free-standing or connected tables in various sizes and shapes.
  • Table tops with a core of 22 mm chipboard, veneerd with 0,6 mm in beech (R5) and birch veneer (B5) with straight edges. Table tops in laminate (MB, MR, ME, MV, M6 and MA) have a core of 22 mm chipboard with straight edges.
  • Wooden details in natural birch and beech.
  • Height adjustable between 670-820 mm.
  • Traditional leg frame Ø 42 mm with "a leg in each corner" connected with long bars. Frame lacquered in white (14), dark grey metallic structure (26) or black structure (24).
  • Assembling: Frame is easily put together with an Allen key. The desk tops are simply pressed onto the bars, no tools are necessary for this.
  • Guarantee: 5 years liability for defects resulting from faulty design, materials or workmanship.
  • Tested according to: EN 527-1, EN 527-2, EN 527-3.


EFG Design Team

EFG Design Team

Product development is an important part of EFG's business. Our own design team is behind most of our products and consists of designers and design engineers who all have high competence and experience in the furniture and furnishings industry. An important aspect of our product development process is to take responsibility for the furniture designed with respect to economic, environmental and social sustainability.




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Product sheet

Product Sheet EFG Team Pro

Symbols (for AutoCad and 3D Studio)

Symbols for EFG Team Pro, with two recessed legs
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, with one recessed leg for conn. to free-standing table
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, table with one recessed leg
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, free-standing table
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, for connection to free-standing table
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, round table
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, link top for connection between two tables
Symbols for EFG Team Pro, corner table

Assembly instructions

EFG Team Pro - single table
EFG Team Pro - for connection
EFG Team Pro - corner table

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