EFG Navi

EFG Navi is a small, elegant table for flexible office environments. Laptop-height, and with a turnable top, it fits perfectly both in the lounge or reception area. EFG Navi matches EFG Create Seating in colours and finishes but also does just as well with other sofas.


Product Facts

  • Height 660 mm, top 392x352 mm
  • Frame lacquered in white (Z4), black structure (24), silver (62), grey (54), cement grey (70), chrome green (71), grey-blue (65), grey-brown (66), purple-red (67), tomato red (68), salmon pink (69).
  • Tops in ash white 2% (A2), HPL white (HM), linoleum black (D4), smokey blue (DJ), green conifer (DC) and red-brown mauve (DM).
  • Developed in accordance with the Nordic Ecolabel criteria.
  • Tested according to the requirements in EN 15372:2008, level 1, and test methods in EN 1730:2000.


Jonas Forsman (Sweden)

Jonas Forsman (Sweden)

Industrial designer working from the inside and out. The functionality is always the starting point when creating his clear cut products, often by using different materials or new mechanical solutions as a foundation. Studied industrial design engineering on Chalmers university of technology in Gothenburg where he also runs his studio since 2006. Awarded Red dot several times and Design S for his products.





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