EFG Pulse

EFG Pulse is a truly functional storage family with clean lines, sharp edges and a large variety of materials and finishes. It is flexible and functional, modular, adaptable and it can be configured either by our own dedicated workstation or in clustered units in the open landscape.


Product Facts

  • Cupboards with doors, drawers or open storage.
  • Plinth, castor frame and leg frame are ordered separately.
  • Frame in veneer (B5, R5, A2) or MFC (MB, MR, ME, MV, M6, MA).
  • Shelves, partitions and backs match the frame (MV, ME, MA, M6, MR, MB) or in white laminate (MV).
  • Exception frame in A2: shelves, partitions and back only in white laminate (MV).
  • Fronts in veneer (B5, R5, A2), MFC (MB, MR, ME, MV, M6, MA). Cupboards with doors available with lacquered fronts as well (TA, TC, TD). Pedelstals with lacquered fronts (TA, TC, TD, TE, Z4).
  • Plinth in MFC (MB, MR, ME, MV, M6, MA) or plastic (PV, PA).
  • Bail handle (24, 26, 62, 65, 69, 71, 90, Z4) or knob (24, 62, 65, 69, 71, 90, 92, Z4). Alternatively recessed cup in brushed aluminium (98) on sliding doors.
  • Metal stand (24, 62, 65, 69, 71, Z4).
  • Wheel base in metal (24, 62, Z4).
  • Doors and drawers without lock and handle are fitted with push-open function.
  • The cupboards can be fitted with key lock, code lock or RFID lock.
  • Complies with established criteria for furniture eco-labelling. Minor deviations may occur.
  • Certified by “Möbelfakta” for quality, sustainablilty and CSR.
  • Tested according to: EN 14073-2, EN 14073-3, EN 14074 and partly ISO 7170.


EFG Design Team

EFG Design Team

Product development is an important part of EFG's business. Our own design team is behind most of our products and consists of designers and design engineers who all have high competence and experience in the furniture and furnishings industry. An important aspect of our product development process is to take responsibility for the furniture designed with respect to economic, environmental and social sustainability.


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EFG Pulse Storage Brochure

Product sheet

EFG Pulse Personal Storage
EFG Pulse Open Storage

Product Overview

Product overview EFG Pulse

Assembly instructions

EFG Pulse, add on module
EFG Pulse Sliding Doors, adjustment of doors
EFG Pulse Storage, adjustment of doors
EFG Pulse Storage, adjustment of drawers
EFG Pulse, mounting drawer set
EFG Pulse, general adjustment cupboard
EFG Pulse, high stand mounting
EFG Pulse, wall mounted units
Code lock manual

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