EFG Surround

EFG Surround gives endless opportunities to room-in-room solutions that both works as separators as well as noise reducers in modern, open office environments. EFG Surround allows you to create everything from sheltered workplaces to private or informal meeting places.


Product Facts

  • Shielded workplaces and meeting places in different shapes and sizes, available in a variety of fabrics and materials.
  • Table tops/writing boards in ash white 2% (A2) or white MFC (MV).
  • As standard EFG Surround is delivered with feet in ash white 2% (A2). Black and white stained ash (AS and AV) is optional.
  • Accessories: EFG Add, a collection of smart accessories that create opportunities to give each space a practical, personal and welcoming touch. The assortment includes for example: memo boards, document holders, coat hangers, hooks, magazine holders and much more. Most accessories are hung over the screen edges and can be moved around or carried with you if needed. Learn more about EFG Add in a separate product sheet.
  • Guarantee: 5 years liability for defects resulting from faulty design, materials or workmanship.
  • Developed in accordance with the Nordic Ecolabel criteria.
  • Surround with writing board tested according to: EN 1023: 1-3. Height category 2-3.
  • Surround with sofa tested according to: EN 16139 level 1, EN 1728 and EN 1022.


Olle Lundberg (Sweden)

Olle Lundberg (Sweden)

Olle Lundberg started his career as a designer at the end of the 80's. He studied industrial design at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, at the University of Essen and at LĂ©nsci - Les Ateliers in Paris. Since 1990 he has run his own design office, Lundbergdesign. The office has a number of employees who work widely and in a many-facetted fashion with design projects for both national and international clients. Lundbergdesign has received several international design awards such as the RedDot and IF awards.



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Symbols for EFG SURROUND ME Cube meeting pods, sofas
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