EFG Room

EFG Room is an acoustic floor screen system for creating rooms within rooms. This floor system has an A-classification sound absorption and sound reduction making it perfect for creating sheltered workplaces within open landscapes. With EFG Room, you choose the level of visual – and acoustic – privacy you want. The screen filling consists of recycled polyester fiber and textiles pressed together with the fabric covering of the screen.


Product Facts

  • Available in two thicknesses (45 and 80 mm), three widths (840, 940 and 1240 mm) and three heights (1200, 1575 and 1950 mm).
  • Screens are made of recycled, sound-absorbent polyester fibre and textiles, covered with Palermo, Cara or Event Screen fabric or equivalent felt upholstery.
  • Pale grey metal parts.
  • Screens can be linked at angles of 90 degrees, with T or X connections.
  • Freestanding screens can be equipped with castors.
  • Standard connection strips mean screens of either thickness can be combined.
  • Panels available for cable management with power/data connection from ceiling or floor. An external horizontal cable tray is available as an option, placed at floor level.
  • Options: Tempered glass panel to mount between screens, top section in tempered glass (EFG Room 80 only), and screen support.
  • Guarantee: Five year warranty against defects resulting from faulty design, material or workmanship.
  • Tested according to: EN 1023-1:1996, EN 1023-2:2000 and EN 1023-3:2000.
  • Sound absorption measured according to NT ACOU 012 and ISO 354, assessed according to ISO 11654.
  • Sound attenuation measured according to ISO 10053 and assessed according to NT ACOU 085.


Blum & Balle (Denmark)

Blum & Balle (Denmark)

Blum & Balle A/S is a design office located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company which is multifaceted, creative and network based, is owned by designers Henrik Blum and Rune Balle. As its core business the company remodels and creates innovative products of industrial and aesthetic character within a broad spectrum. "Design should move, must surprise and from the premise "Keep it simple" meet the goal of minimizing costs and optimizing functionality without compromising on the aesthetics". Their working methods are characterized by teamwork comprising several experts, such as technical specialists. At the same time, they partner with work space specialists and human factor psychologists to achieve the best possible results. Blum & Balle has designed products and solutions for companies such as EFG, Jany A/S, Getama Denmark, Leika Danmark A/S, Scandinavian Business Seating A/S, among others.


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