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  • November 2017

  • Nov 30
    See you at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018
    Nov 30 –

    See you at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018

    EFG on Display.

    Over 133 years of learning has brought us here.
    Scandinavian aesthetics, quality, sustainability
    and clever design is part of our story.
    Enjoy the journey and the future by EFG.
    Welcome to EFG at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018.

    Save the dates in your calendar, February 6-10th, to visit us, and share your goals and challenges. We look forward to meeting you in stand A37:20! Read more about the fair here.
  • Nov 23
    EFG Kite – an elegant sound absorbing wall screen
    Nov 23 –

    EFG Kite – an elegant sound absorbing wall screen

    EFG continue the acoustics focus with the launch of a new wall-mounted sound absorbing screen: EFG Kite. Expressive, flexible and easy to use, EFG Kite is the ideal choice for a modern, open-plan office or lounge space.

    ”The purpose of EFG Kite is to offer a sound-absorbing screen that combines function with good design”, says Johan Björkman, product manager at EFG.

    The name ”EFG Kite” is inspired by the products´ design, and hints that there is lots of room for playfulness. The screen itself comes as a square or a rectangle in different sizes, as well as an L-shaped screen. The models can be combined to create a personal solution. The screen is also upholstered in one-or two colours of fabric.
    ”EFG Kite is very easy to mount” continues Johan Björkman, ”a fact that will save time both for our staff and for customers”. ”Rearranging the office as needs change over time also becomes much easier”.
    EFG Kite Wall is designed by EFG Design Team, headed by Marianne Dahl.

    More information:
    Marianne Guriby Dahl, Manager Product Development;
    , +46 76 53 67 508
  • Nov 06
    EFG Tab S – a brand new sound absorbing office screen
    Nov 06 –

    EFG Tab S – a brand new sound absorbing office screen

    A healthy sound environment is vital to a well-functioning, modern office. However, every room calls for it´s own solution. EFG now present a new acoustic screen in three different designs, for a flexible and adaptable solution.

    ”During a typical day at the office, we need to both cooperate with others, and work undisturbed," says Marianne Dahl, Manager of Product Development at EFG European Furniture Group. "Therefore, we as manufacturers must offer quality products for creating private spaces and for silencing, that can also be rebuilt and adapted as the workplace changes over time."

    EFG now introduces a family of upholstered, acoustic office screens, EFG Tab S, with sound-absorbing properties. The screen is available as a traditional desktop screen, a floor screen and a wall-mounted screen. The floor screen can be stand-alone or linked, to create separate work or meeting places in open plan offices.
    EFG Tab is designed by EFG Design Team headed by Marianne Dahl.

    More information:
    Marianne Guriby Dahl, Manager Product Development; marianne.dahl@efg.se, +46 76 53 67 508
  • October 2017

  • Oct 25
    BimObject - updated with our latest product news
    Oct 25 –

    BimObject - updated with our latest product news

    Recently we added several new products into our standard assortment - EFG Mingle & EFG Tab S - they are all available for download on BimObject.

    Download them here:
    EFG Mingle: https://bimobject.com/en/efg/product/efgmingle
    EFG Tab S Desk: https://bimobject.com/en/efg/product/efgtabs_desk
    EFG Tab S Wall: https://bimobject.com/en/efg/product/efgtabs_floor
    EFG Tab S Floor: https://bimobject.com/en/efg/product/efgtabs_wall

    There are several advantages of wtih BimObject:

    • All product information in one place
    • The most common file formats for download (Revit, Archicad, 3Ds, dwg, Sketchup etc.)
    • Direct configuration in 3D-view makes it easy to use even for the inexperienced user
  • Oct 23
    EFG Mingle – clever, compact, comfortable
    Oct 23 –

    EFG Mingle – clever, compact, comfortable

    A flexible, modular, compact, yet comfortable sofa system - EFG Mingle is this autumn´s soft seating product from EFG. Designed by KnudsenBergHindenes for those who want to create elegant and comfortable seating on a small surface.

    "A high level of comfort, while taking up as little space as possible has been the main focus of the development process," explains Steinar Hindenes. "The look of EFG Mingle is minimalist, with some selected details that give the sofa a character of its own." Steinar Hindenes describes the design as somewhat subdued, which allows EFG Mingle fit in almost anywhere. It can also be modeled in many various setups, which is important for a module-based program.

    EFG Mingle was presented as a prototype at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017. The design has been refined during the year, and the sofa is now being launched as a complete sofa system with seating modules in various sizes and styles, as well as accessories and table modules.

    "EFG Mingle is a comfortable, functional and stylish sofa that takes up a minimum of valuable office space,” says Johan Björkman, Product Manager. "We have strived for efficiency, especially in functionality, but also from other perspectives that are important to our customer; floor space, transport and materials ". “We look forward to presenting the full EFG Mingle range to our customers!”.

    EFG Mingle Sofa can easily be adapted to the demands of a modern and changing environment and is suitable for most public environments; offices, reception areas, schools and healthcare. The modules can be varied in an infinite number of combinations of rounded and straight shapes and can, if desired, form closed spaces, open spaces, small spaces and large spaces – there is a “Mingle” for every need.

    KudsenBergHindenes have designed EFG Mingle, and are also the designers of the popular EFG chair EFG Woods.

    More information:
    Marianne Guriby Dahl, Manager Product Development; marianne.dahl@efg.se, +46 76 53 67 508
  • September 2017

  • Sep 07
    Nordic design in focus at Dan Foam's new office in Årup
    Sep 07 –

    Nordic design in focus at Dan Foam's new office in Årup

    When Dan Foam's new office in Årup was furnished the focus was to create an outstanding workplace to attract the best employees in the area and to have a Nordic design and feeling in the office. After the opening of the new office the word quickly spread that this was a really inspiring workplace and the productivity and well-being of the existing employees increased.

    Several products from EFG can be found in the workplace: EFG Active, EFG Collaborate, EFG Create, EFG Tab and EFG Surround.

    For more information please contact:
    Anders Nilsson, +46 140 67532, anders.nilsson@efg.se.
    http://www.efg.info/~/media/B05B090703B647BBB3AE5329DDF2FF0E.mp4 video/mp4
  • July 2017

  • Jul 03
    EFG at Designers Saturday
    Jul 03 –

    EFG at Designers Saturday

    Welcome to meet us at the greatest event of the autumn: Designers Saturday in Oslo the 8th to 10 th of September. EFG will exhibit at AHO, Arkitektur- och Designhøgskolen, Mariedalveien 29 (bus stop 2), where we will show our latest news such as EFG Mingle Sofa and EFG Create Storage and EFG Create Seating.

    Program for Designers Saturday:

    Friday the 8th of September:
    Opening of Designers Saturday, Langkaia 1, from 16.30. Opening 17.00.
    Award ceremony 17.30-18.00.

    Saturday the 9th of September:  
    09.00 - 18.00 Free busses and 36 open showrooms.
    Saturday Night Party from 19.00.

    Sunday the 10th of September:
    11.00-16.00 Free busses and 36 open showrooms.
    16.00 The auction starts at KHiO and on the Blomqvist net. 

    Read more about Designers Saturday here




  • June 2017

  • Jun 27
    EFG Mingle
    Jun 27 –

    EFG Mingle

    How compact can a sofa be? As compact as you wish, of course, but can it at the same time be flexible, buildable and comfortable? EFG Mingle Sofa designed by KnudsenBergHindenes will be launched during the autumn and will be at the center of attention at Desingers Saturday in Oslo in September. The sofa that is designed by KnudsenBergHindenes will be the obvious choice for those wanting to create elegant and comfortable seating in super-compact spaces. The design is somewhat subdued to be able to modelled in various settings, which we think is important for a module based program.

    The design is described by Steinar Hindenes as somewhat subdued, for the sofa to fit into many different environments and be modeled in varied sets, which is important for a modular program.
    Read more about KnudsenBergHindenes here

    "We want to demonstrate fully that it is possible to create both comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing sofa, which takes up minimal valuable space. We also want to offer an aesthetically pleasing and completely buildable sofa, that represents efficiency, particularly in regards to functionality, but also in floor space, transportation and materials", says Johan Björkman, product manager.

    EFG Mingle can easily be adapted to the requirements of a modern and changing environment and are ideal in most public places; offices, reception areas, schools and health care. The modules can be varied in an infinite number of combinations of curved and straight shapes and can be used to create closed spaces, open spaces, small spaces and large spaces - simply put, spaces for all kinds of mingling.

    For more information:
    Marianne Guriby Dahl, head of product development; marianne.dahl@efg.se  +46 765 367 508



  • Jun 14
    Thoughts for your next summer vacation
    Jun 14 –

    Thoughts for your next summer vacation

    Are you the type of workaholic that has a difficult time unwinding during holidays? For some, taking a break can feel very strange, even as your family members try to detangle you from work emails and phone calls. Take a look at the below suggestions o

    n how to unwind this holiday season.

    1. Tune in to relieve stress

    Start the day by improving your relationship with yourself. A few minutes of “me time” on a morning walk, run, cycle or swim can improve productivity throughout the day, “Dear stress….let’s break–up!”

    2. Don’t over schedule it and be flexible 

    This means stick to one location for a period of time (a few days or even the entire vacation). Only aim to do a few things each day, such as be by the pool, cook the family a meal, do something active - you get the picture. The aim is to try not to do too much in one day. If you think it might be too much, then it probably is. “If you can’t be flexible with life, you become irratable with life!”

    3. Get in the water

    Even if you can’t go to an exotic beach, you can find some way to enjoy the water. If you live or holiday near the coast, you can go to the beach. Otherwise there may be a lake or river nearby. I find that just looking at water is relaxing and regenerating. Going in is awsome. If you can’t do that in mothernature, find a pool! “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water!”

    4. Be a kid again 

    It’s easy to become so entrenched in work that you forget what made you happy as a kid! Switch off completely and learn to “play.” Burn an hour playing your favorite video game, throw a frisbee with friends, kick a ball, ride a bike, play sports, practice a musical instrument — anything that you enjoyed doing as a kid will make you feel liberated and relaxed. Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty doing it! “Life is better when you are laughing!”

    5. Listen to audio books

    Wehave fallen in love audiobooks. Whether we run, drive or are on a flight, they have done wonders to renew our excitement in novels. Now we have an exciting library filled with titles to keep us busy for the coming weeks! “Shhhh, I’m listening to my audio book!”

    Safe and chilled vacations wishes to you all! 

  • Jun 12
    New dealer - Kontorsspecial
    Jun 12 –

    New dealer - Kontorsspecial

    New dealer - Kontorsspecial in Vetlanda
    Kontorsspecial in Vetlanda has previously sold EFG, but only to selected SKL customers. Since May, we are  pleased to welcome Kontorsspecial as EFG distributor fully to all customers in their region. Kontorsspecial has several business areas, IT, Office Supplies, Cleaning & Care, and Interior Design.
    The interior team consists of Kjell-Ove Olsson, Towe Ljungberg and Linda Jonasson Gustafsson

    The head office is located in Vetlanda, but Kontorsspecial also has establishments in Jönköping, Nässjö, Västervik and Oskarshamn. Read more about Kontorsspecial at www.kontorsspecial.se
  • May 2017

  • May 15
    The impact of colours in our workplace
    May 15 –

    The impact of colours in our workplace

    As humans we are effected by different colours in different ways. Colours can be used in different ways to make a statement, set a mood or attract attention. Colours can also be used to energize, or to cool down. By selecting the right colour scheme in your workplace, you can create an atmosphere of elegance, warmth or calmness, or you can create an image of playful youthfulness.

    The Primary Colours

    Is associated with joy, happiness, energy and optimism. It’s the colour of sunshine and gives us a warm and positive feeling when looking at it. It immediately grabs our attention, and can be used to highlight important things in communication or in a room. Most post-it notes are yellow, for a very good reason. Yellow creates optimistic feelings and liveliness and stimulates our brain and creativity, it’s a good idea to use it in areas which are set up for creative sessions and workshops. But just be careful, too much yellow might have a disturbing effect.


    Energy, strength and determination are often associated with red colours. The colour has a very emotional intention and creates the impression of speed and courage to us. Red items get our immediate attention and “red carpets” are naturally used at events to add to the news sensation. Red also stimulates discussion and argumentation. In business projects it can be used to stimulate people to make quick decisions or to reflect energy and excitement. The colour is suitable to use in dining and café areas since it stimulates our appetite and flavours.

    Blue is the colour connected with stability, trust and wisdom and it is the colour that most people in the world has as their favourite. It’s the colour of the sea and the sky and has a calming effect which helps us to relax. Since blue is also linked to consciousness and intellect, it can be used to enhance accuracy and precision in communication. It also lowers our heart rates and can therefore be suitable in offices, since it contributes positively to the employees’ calmness and feeling of hope.

    The Secondary Colours

    We mostly associate green with growth, harmony and freshness as well as durability, reliability and environmental friendliness. Green is the colour of nature and has a healing power. The colour is also associated with security and that’s why emergency exit signs are mostly green. It is also restful for our eyes and is considered to produce the least amount of eyestrain. This makes it a good choice for your computer desktop, if you spend several hours in front of your screen. It also reduces anxiety and a combination of blue and green works very well to create a calm and relaxed feeling in your workplace.

    Joy, happiness and energy. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It can increase they oxygen supply to the brain to produce a refreshing effect. Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity. It is often connected with healthy food which also makes it a suitable colour for dining areas.

    Royalty is often associated with purple colours as well as elegance and creativity. It’s a combination of the stability of blue and the energy of red. The colour is often liked by children and youths and can with advantage be used in educational areas.

    GREY - avoid plain grey if you can...
    Grey by itself inspires people to be passive, uninvolved and have a lack of energy. Pairing the colour with a brighter and colourful shade will help you to offset the effect.

    Choosing the colour of your workplace, your clothes or your desktop do affect our mood and productivity. However, colours are not the only thing that affects us — you can still be efficient in a grey suit. But, when given the choice, picking a colour that will work with you, and not against you can only be positive.
  • May 03
    Trendwatch Salone del Mobile 2017
    May 03 –

    Trendwatch Salone del Mobile 2017

    Recently Milan Design Week 2017 took place, one of the largest design shows in the world. The fair attracts artists and designers from all corners of the world. Naturally EFG was there to find inspiration and to look for the latest trends in terms om colours, materials and shapes. Download the report and read more about the emerging trends.

    For more information contact:
    Anders Nilsson| Head of EFG Brand Sales
    anders.nilsson@efg.se | +46 140 67532
  • April 2017

  • Apr 28
    Book EFG Brand Ambassador Tommy Wilén for a customized seminar
    Apr 28 –

    Book EFG Brand Ambassador Tommy Wilén for a customized seminar

    For those of you who would like to learn more about active workplaces together with your colleagues, there is now a possibility to book EFG Brand Ambassador Tommy Wilén for a customized seminar. It can be held at your  office or ours - you decide. Of course the it is free for all EFG's friends!

    Get in touch with Tommy to book: Tommy Wilén | tommy.wilen@efg.se | 08-617 68 69
    http://www.efg.info/~/media/813B54218CA6438E80A313989F0B8E2C.mp4 video/mp4
  • Apr 12
    Easter Wishes from EFG
    Apr 12 –

    Easter Wishes from EFG

    Wishing all our customers, partners and employees a Happy Easter!
  • Apr 11
    Spring clean your desk with EFG and improve your productivity
    Apr 11 –

    Spring clean your desk with EFG and improve your productivity

    Spending time looking for documents, notebooks and computer chargers is not an effective way to use your working time. In addition a messy desk often leads to interruption and loss of focus.

    If everything is stored on your desk it makes it too easy to jump in-between different tasks and prioritize what you have right in front of you, instead of other things that might be of higher importance. By clearing your desk you can easily save up to half an hour per day, according to several efficiency consultants, which is several weeks a year.

    Our 5 quick cleaning tips:

    1. Only keep what you use every day on your actual desk, put the rest away. You will find your things easier if they are not in a big pile on your desk and it’s much easier to focus.
    2. Do you have papers on your desk that you haven't used in a long time? Go through everything that have piled up for months and throw the things that you do not use away. Things that should be archived are sorted into the correct folder immediately and placed in your storage unit.
    3. Throw broken or useless things away at once - pencils, folders or chargers. Having functional “tools” around you will make you more efficient, not having to search for working ones.
    4. What does your digital desktop look like? A messy computer desktop is often perceived as stressful. Save the key icons there only and organize the rest in subfolders to keep calm.
    5. Create a routine to clean up and put things back in their proper place before leaving the office for the day. It's much more fun to come to work again the next morning and also quicker to get started knowing where your things are.

    Should you need additional accessories or storage units to make your working day even more effective, please get in touch with us here.

    Happy cleaning & enjoy your valuable extra time!
Feb 24 – Stockholm

EFG Trend Report SFF2017

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the biggest exhibition in the world for scandinavian furniture- and lighting. As usual, we at EFG have scanned the fair for design trends in materials, styles and colours.

Download and view the EFG Trend Report in Swedish or English and get in touch with us if you would like a personal presentation of it.