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"A modern and dynamic workplace"

Client: EVRY

Strategisk Arkitektur 
Our role:
Supplier of interior solutions and furniture 
Delivery date:
Solna, Sweden 
IT Solutions 

A renewed, dynamic workplace

Challenges and solutions
EVRY in Solna, took on the challenge of renovating their office space, as well as re-structuring it and introducing an activity-based way of working. The result is a modern, dynamic workplace that caters for the diverse needs of this company.

Both the office space and the number of actual workstations was reduced in the renovating process; about 900 desks are 450 today, while housing a similar number of people. The spaces are a mix between open workspaces, silent rooms and conference rooms of different sizes. Among other creative measures, EFG Surround pods have been used in chosen locations to create room-in-room solutions. The fact that Evry has the need for confidential and secure areas in the office to cater for a high degree of customer confidentiality has also been solved through a structured layout.

The interiors of the office follow the EVRY interior concept, designed by Strategisk Arkitektur, in colour- and materials choises. Evry opted for re-using as much of the existing furniture as possible. The surplus furniture was either donated or responsibly recycled, with the help of EFG.

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