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EFG HideTech is a family of tables designed for the modern workplace where an increasingly large part of the work is done in the form of meetings. EFG HideTech is available with technology hidden inside the table but easily accessed from the desktop via the next generation of cable management. EFG HideTech is a new way of thinking.


Product Facts

  • EFG HideTech have table tops with extra bevelled edges and a core of 22 mm MDF, veneered with 0,6 mm in natural birch (B1), natural walnut (V1), natural ash (A1), 0,7 mm white high pressure laminate HPL (HM), or 2 mm black linoleum Nero (D4).
  • Tables feature a connection box measuring 200 mm wide by 140 mm deep with length adapted to suit, and a magnetic lock cover. The box accommodates outlets for various kinds of connections.
  • Connections: power, data, HDMI, VGA, USB, mini-jack (common analouge audio connector for headphones, for example).
  • Metal frame available lacquered in black (52), white (53) or polished aluminium (95).
  • Decor rings and uprights have the same finish as the frame, with the exception of the polished finish, which has anthracite decor rings and uprights in dark grey metallic structure finish (26), or chrome lacquer.
  • Decor rings in cerise (51), black (52), white (53) and anthracite (50) available as options.
  • Table heights: 520 mm, 720 mm, 910 mm and 1100 mm.
  • Cables are channelled through the frame legs.
  • The underside of the table is covered with recycled polyester fibresheet which prevents resonance from the table top and floor (does not apply to tables with column base).
  • Guarantee: Five years warranty against defects resulting from faulty design, material or workmanship.


Idesign (Sweden)

Idesign (Sweden)

Johan Larsvall founded Idesign in 1997. Design is about defining frames, identify problems and solve them within the set frame. A project can be any of these parts or all of them. We are a small core team with a wide network of experts in different areas. With this structure we can always build a highly competent team with the best people for each job. We all also have double competences and Industrial Designer as a the common touch point.






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EFG HideTech

Product sheet

Product Sheet EFG HideTech

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Tabletop outline, EFG HideTech

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EFG HideTech
EFG HideTech - IT
EFG HideTech - One pillar

Symbols (for AutoCad and 3D Studio)

Symbols for EFG HideTech, lounge table
Symbols for EFG HideTech, meeting tables (h 720 mm) incl. cable box
Symbols for EFG HideTech, meeting tables (h 720 mm)
Symbols for EFG HideTech meeting tables (h 910 mm) incl. cable box
Symbols for EFG HideTech meeting tables (h 910 mm)
Symbols for EFG HideTech meeting tables (h 1100 mm) incl. cable box
Symbols for EFG HideTech, meeting table (h 1100 mm)
Symbols for EFG HideTech, frames

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