EFG pLay

EFG pLay is a fabric-covered acoustic panel in the shape of an L. This playful screen is available in a variety of colours letting your imagination run free. The filling, consisting of reused sound absorbent polyester fibre and textiles, is pressed together with the panel’s fabric covering, creating its L-shape. EFG Play can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling and it can easily transform the character of a room.


Product Facts

  • Wall-mounted or suspended from ceiling.
  • Panel is made of recycled, sound-absorbent polyester and textile fibres, covered with Palermo fabric or equivalent felt upholstery.
  • Options: Mounting kits.
  • Guarantee: Five year warranty against defects resulting from faulty design, material or workmanship.
  • Sound absorption measured according to ISO 10534-2.


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EFG pLay

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