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  • October 2019

  • Oct 18
    Autumn news: EFG Zoe
    Oct 18 –

    Autumn news: EFG Zoe

    Welcome Zoe!

    She is finally here! "Zoe" which means "life" is EFG's latest chair that has come to light up your fall. Zoe is designed by Jonas Forsman, whose work is characterized by attention to every detail. Zoe is made of wood, and the inherent properties of the material are the starting point for both the chair's appearance and function. "The thin seat shell is softly shaped," says Jonas. "Zoe balances between the strict and the organic".

    Zoe is a fitting name for a chair that livens up everything from auditoriums and classrooms to offices and dining rooms. Zoe's simple shape fits everywhere and gives a natural and warm feeling to the interior.

    Learn more about Zoe: facts, brochures and symbols.

    Download The Zoe Story as pdf.

  • September 2019

  • Sep 30
    EFG Zoe
    Sep 30 –

    EFG Zoe

    Zoe brings life to October

    EFG Zoe, designed by Jonas Forsman, is EFG's latest launch scheduled for October 21:st. A long-awaited chair made entirely from wood.  "The seat shell is softly shaped and has a natural, light spring," says Jonas Forsman. "Zoe balances between the strict and the organic".

    The chair is stackable and will be available entirely in wood; white-stained ash, black-stained ash and natural oak, or in wood with upholstered seat in any fabric.

    Material selection and shape directly create a sense of life in the interior. Zoe is a fitting name for a chair that livens up everything from auditoriums and classrooms to offices and dining rooms. Because Zoe means just that - life.

    Zoe is available for order from Monday, October 21, 2019.

  • August 2019

  • Aug 20
    Andreas Mattisson is new Range- & Product Development Manager for EFG and Savo
    Aug 20 –

    Andreas Mattisson is new Range- & Product Development Manager for EFG and Savo

    Following an extensive recruitment process with great interest from the industry, we are pleased to announce that Andreas Mattison will succeed Marianne Dahl as Product Development Manager for the EFG Group.

    Andreas has a background in leading positions in product development from the furniture industry, most recently from Lammhults Möbel AB, where he has been range- and product development manager since 2012.

    We look forward to welcoming Andreas to the management of EFG & SAVO, who are at a strategically important stage as an independent furniture manufacturer. Currently, we are strengthening both the sales and development organization to be well-equipped for the coming years.

  • Aug 12
    EFG at Designers Saturday 2019 in Oslo
    Aug 12 –

    EFG at Designers Saturday 2019 in Oslo

    Only days to go until the design event of the year in Oslo. Meet us at Designers' Saturday 6-9 September. 

    Location: Stoppested 4, Kunsthøgskolen.


    Designers' Saturday 2019

  • July 2019

  • Jul 09
    Created with care - EFG Sustainability Report 2018
    Jul 09 –

    Created with care - EFG Sustainability Report 2018

    EFG's Sustainability Report for 2018 is now available. We at EFG are proud to present our work in manufacturing and marketing our quality products sustainably, with care for the environment, for our customers, partners and employees.

    Download it here.

  • June 2019

  • Jun 03
    EFG Summer Product News, June 2019
    Jun 03 –

    EFG Summer Product News, June 2019

    Some of EFG:s best-selling ranges have been boosted to offer you an even wider choice and lots of inspiration for all your interior projects. Learn more here!

    EFG Archie - 
    popular EFG Archie has quickly become a signature product for EFG. Thanks Archie! Archie´s new summer outfits include 4-star swivel base and leather-clad armrests.

    EFG Collaborate - three different metal leg options add a new look to ths versatile table that comes in more than 50 top sizes.

    EFG Kite - easy to mount, colourful and useful sound absorbents EFG Kite now come in circular or diamond shapes.

    EFG Mingle - by popular demand, a medium-height back is added to this super-compact seating range.

    EFG Nova - a classic EFG family of chairs that has been enhanced with several new models: high back, wooden frame, 5-star swivel base. Also seat shell in natural oak finish.

    EFG Ride - designed by Gridy for EFG,  this brand new bar stool comes in 13 colours as standard, a must-see.

    EFG Rise - this easy and popular frame now has stroke 500 mm and black as standard.

    EFG Woods – our best-selling chair has a new, sustainable upholstery design with horizontal seams.

    Get in touch with us for a full presentation of our latest news!

    For more information please contact:
    Anders Nilsson +46 140 67 532, anders.nilsson@efg.se

  • March 2019

  • Mar 19
    EFG at Salone Del Mobile in Milan 2019
    Mar 19 –

    EFG at Salone Del Mobile in Milan 2019

    Swedish Design Moves celebrate the richness of Swedish Design in “HEMMA – gone wild”

    EFG will exhibit at the 2019 Salone Del Mobile in Milan, the most influential furniture fair in the world. “We are delighted to have been selected by Swedish Design Moves to be part of their celebration of Swedish design in everyday life” says Marianne Dahl, head of product development at EFG. “This is all thanks to EFG´s many years of focused co-operation with top designers”.

    The products that will be showcased in Milan by EFG are the very latest concepts by Jonas Forsman, not yet in production. Jonas Forsman has designed several popular furniture series for EFG, most notably the “Create” range of modular, sustainable seating and storage.

    At 2018’s Salone Del Mobile, visitors were invited by Swedish Design Moves to experience scenes from Swedish everyday life - This was “HEMMA - stories of home”. For this year’s Salone, Hemma is back with a new chapter called “HEMMA gone wild”! “This Year we look at Hemma – Home, as  a place where wild nature and unidentified matter are taking over” say exhibition architects Joyn Studio. The installation is based on the idea of the home as a playing field, with rooms that describe our relationship with home.

     “HEMMA gone wild” will take place in the heart of Brera Design District.

    For further information, please get in touch with:

    Marianne Dahl, head of product development, EFG European Furniture Group

    Follow us on Instagram to stay updated @europeanfurnituregroup @hemmagonewild

    About Swedish Design Moves

    Swedish Design Moves is a programme that aims to increase the international awareness of Swedish design, commissioned by the Swedish Government. The programme is led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, ASFB-Association of Swedish Fashion Brands. The Swedish federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF), and Svensk Form.

  • Mar 11
    Experience pCon planner!
    Mar 11 –

    Experience pCon planner!

    Now EFG is available on pCon.planner - a simple and creative 3D program that gives us the opportunity to show our customers everything from simple drawings to the most complex 3D renderings.

    pCon planner is the easy-to-use software for laptops and desktops that makes it possible to design rooms together with furniture and other furnishings. This is the most widely used room and interior planning system for interior designers, planners, architects and others. Intuitive and easy to use. Products can be displayed in 3D on plan and room drawings. Easy export to all standard CAD formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS, DXF etc.) and as pictures, films or panoramic images for presentations.

    Download pCon planner here!

    pCon Box - Mobile OFML, expert advice. Plan spaces, present solutions – and all that where the action takes place: at the point of sale. With the pCon.box, you can configure, present and share your product solutions at the touch of a button, plus have all the article information you need directly on your tablet or smartphone. The focus here: successful customer communication.

    Download pCon box here!

  • January 2019

  • Jan 29
    Let's talk Agenda 2030!
    Jan 29 –

    Let's talk Agenda 2030!

    Welcome to a panel debate on the industry's work towards the global goals of Agenda 2030!

    What requirements are valid today and tomorrow? How can public procurement contribute? How to create profitable business models with sustainability as a competitive advantage? What can the involved do to speed up the Agenda 2030 work together? Hear our Sustainability Manager Tomas Reibring in the panel debate on these topics at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019!

    Let's talk about Agenda 2030 - and make it happen!

    Date & time: Wednesday 6 February at 11.00 - 11.45
    Location: Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks stage at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
    Nina Ekelund, Generalsekreterare för Hagainitiativet
    Tomas Reibring - Sustainability Manager EFG
    Amanda Jackson - Sustainability Manager Nobia
    Peter Nohrstedt - Sustainability Manager SKL Kommentus
    Robin Ljungar, Sustainability Manager Trä- och Möbelföretagen, TMF
    Birgitta Nilsson - Regional Developer Västra Götalandsregionen
  • December 2018

  • Dec 13
    See you at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019
    Dec 13 –

    See you at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019

    Creating Good Feelings.
    That's our promise to you. 
    Welcome to EFG at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019.
    Stand A20:20.
    Save the dates in your calendar, February 5-9th, to visit us, and share your goals and challenges. 
    We look forward to meeting you in stand A20:20! Read more about the fair here.

    For more information please contact: Anders Nilsson +46 140 67 532, anders.nilsson@efg.se


  • June 2018

  • Jun 07
    Trendwatch from Clerkenwell design week
    Jun 07 –

    Trendwatch from Clerkenwell design week

    Recently Clerkenwell design week 2018 took place in London. Every year Clerkenwell Design Week presents new design projects and street spectacles, commissioned specially for the festival and featured prominently around Clerkenwell. This year EFG:s UK team was there to find inspiration and to look for the latest trends in terms of colours, materials and shapes.

     Download the report and read more about the emerging trends.


  • April 2018

  • Apr 26
    EFG Trendwatch from Milan Design Week 2018
    Apr 26 –

    EFG Trendwatch from Milan Design Week 2018

    Recently Salone del Mobile 2018 took place, one of the largest design shows in the world. The fair attracts artists and designers from all corners of the world. Naturally EFG:s Design Manager Marianne Dahl was there to find inspiration and to look for the latest trends in terms of colours, materials and shapes. Download the report and read more about the emerging trends.

    For more information contact:
    Anders Nilsson| Head of EFG Brand Sales
    anders.nilsson@efg.se | +46 140 67532
  • Apr 11
    EFG Archie – we are all different
    Apr 11 –

    EFG Archie – we are all different

    We have different days.
    We do different things.
    In different places,
    but we are still one.
    Just like EFG Archie,
    designed by Carl Öjerstam.

    Download the brochure and meet EFG Archie.
  • March 2018

  • Mar 22
    Input interiör acquires EFG
    Mar 22 –

    Input interiör acquires EFG

     – A strategically important deal that increases our presence in the Nordic region, says Sune Lundqvist, CEO of Input interiör.

    Input interiör completed their first international establishment in Finland last year. With the acquisition of EFG, Input interiör is now also establishing itself in Norway and Denmark.

    EFG is a leading player with an interior solutions operation of 23 showrooms in the Nordic region as well as the EFG and SAVO brands.

    – With the acquisition, EFG’s interior solutions operation will become part of the Input interiör group and will thus become an interior design supplier exclusively, with access to new services and the widest range in the market. The manufacturing will have a stronger position to grow into a fully independent operation, says Marcus Westdahl, CEO of EFG.

    Input interiör foresees major advantages with the deal.

    – We have access to a new platform in Norway and Denmark while our operations in Sweden and Finland are being strengthened with additional skilled staff. We will also have access to two strong brands which will develop even faster separately, says Mille Milehem, COO of Input interiör.

    The deal is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

    For more information, please contact:
    Marcus Westdahl, CEO EFG, +46 (0)730-98 14 00 or marcus.westdahl@efg.se


  • Mar 01
    EFG Archie – organic shape to suit the human body
    Mar 01 –

    EFG Archie – organic shape to suit the human body

    The smooth, organic shape of EFG´s new chair EFG Archie is inspired by the human body, both in design and function. “Archie is not only an aesthetically appealing chair”, says designer Carl Öjerstam. “It is a chair that gives support to sitters of all sizes, all day long. To achieve this in such a minimalist chair, you need to go further than simply the look – you need to pay careful attention to different aspects of user ergonomics. There are thousands of chairs out there, but not all of them get the comfort right – so that is what we set out to do”.

    “The process of developing EFG Archie has been long, and sometimes difficult” says Marianne Dahl, head of the EFG design team, “but it´s worth it now that we see the end result”. One challenge has been finding the perfect compound. “The material that we are now using for Archie is unique, and can not be found in any other chair on the market” says Marianne Dahl. “It is extremely flexible, highly durable, and it allows us to give Archie a finish that other materials don´t achieve. The pure compound also has a positive impact on recycling at the end of the product life span”.

    EFG Archie offers a versatile and playful design perspective on an everyday item. EFG Archie comes in five different models, to suit every need, with both metal and wooden legs. The metal legs come in a range of colours. The basic plastic shell has contrasting surfaces, both soft matte and high-gloss. The upholstered variant of Archie can also be designed with contrasting colours of fabric if desired. Alltogether EFG Archie offers hundreds of possible variants of expression.

    “EFG Archie is a fantastic chair”, says Craig Howarth, Commercial Director, “it embodies all the design goals of EFG, and the values of a modern workplace”.

    Meet EFG Archie, design by Carl Öjerstam

    → arch1 (ɑːtʃ/)

    Noun: arch; plural: arches: 1. a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it. 1.2 A shape resembling an arch. Adjective: 2.1. playfully roguish or mischievous: an arch smile. 2.2. cunning; crafty; sly.

    - Material: Shell: PC/ABS (references, LEGO, car bumpers, helmets) Fabric: one or two colours Legs: metal or wood

    - Stackable: yes

    - Variants: 4-legs, wooden base, sled base, bar chair, swivel base, armchair

    - Colours: Shell: 5 as standard, unlimited for large orders Legs: up to 11 metal colours as standard, 3 wood colours


    Meet Carl Öjerstam

    Carl Öjerstam is a designer specializing in product design for mass production. Clients include IKEA, Tupperware, Vodafone, Kinnarps Group, Selecta, Materia, Svenskt Tenn, BRIO, to name a few.  Awards include three times the RedDot design award, Residence Great form Prize in 2006.

    Carl holds lectures for companies, organizations and schools in different areas with a focus on product development, range development and environmentally focused design for mass production.

    Carl has appeared in a variety of books and magazines over the years, such as Swedish Design History, The International Design Yearbook, Scandinavian Design Beyond the Myth, Tools for Living, IKEA the book, FORM, MD, ELLE interior, Residence, Sköna hem, RUM, SCHÖNER WOHNEN, Perspective+, to name a few. Carl has also participated in a variety of exhibitions and events such as Elementos Sueco, (2005-06, Brazil and Germany), Pascal Gallery, 2005, Swedish FROM GLOBAL COOKING 2007, Red dot Design Award 2001-2008, The World Expo 2010 Shanghai China and a great number of IKEA PS launches / exhibitions.

    Read more about EFG Archie here.

Feb 12 – Stockholm

Thanks for a fantastic week at SFF2018!

We really hope that you enjoyed the fair week and found it just as inspiring as we did. At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, we at EFG let our products do the talking.

“We are all about developing designs that incorporate what we stand for” says Marianne Dahl, head of EFG´s product development, “and we are looking forward to showing them off in a big way”.

Featured products from EFG European Furniture Group at SFLF 2018:

EFG Create
This modular system of both storage and seating units as well as accessories can be used to create a solution for any room

EFG Mingle
How small can a sofa be? This system is designed to provide comfortable seating in small spaces

EFG Pulse
An EFG Classic has been updated with new materials and designs

EFG Arche chair. Don´t miss it.

“Innovation and sustainability are at the centre of our design in the past years” says Marianne dahl, head of design at EFG. “Today we are proud to offer a range that is truly modern”.

After many years of renewing the EFG Range, increasing quality and we finding a sustainable way of working, we now offer a range of furniture that is both modern and sustainable.

We are already looking forward to 2019 and hope to see you again!