The impact of colours in our workplace

As humans we are effected by different colours in different ways. Colours can be used in different ways to make a statement, set a mood or attract attention. Colours can also be used to energize, or to cool down. By selecting the right colour scheme in your workplace, you can create an atmosphere of elegance, warmth or calmness, or you can create an image of playful youthfulness. Read more about how colours affect us here.
EFG How colours affect you
EFG Active Sit/Stand desk

Clean your desk and improve your efficiency

Spending time looking for documents, notebooks and computer chargers  on a messy desk is not an effective usage of anyones valuable working time, in addition it often leads to interruption and loss of focus for the person working at it. By having a clean desk you can easily save up to half an hour per day, according to several efficiency consultants. Read more about how to get started here.

How on Trend are you?

Milan Design Week is one of the largest design shows in the world. The fair attracts artists and designers from all corners of the world. Naturally EFG was there to find inspiration and to look for the latest trends in terms om colours, materials and shapes. Download the report and read more about the emerging trends.
EFG - Trends from Milan 2017